Training Schedule 7/26/2010 -8/8/2010

Monday 7/26/2010
The Middlegame Euwe (The Bad Bishop pg. 16-20)

Tuesday 7/27/2010
Averback Essential Chess Endings (Various Pieces in Combat pg. 16-19)

Wednesday 7/28/2010
Analyze game

Thursday 7/29/2010Tactics
The Middlegame Euwe (The Knight pg. 21-26)

Friday 7/30/2010
Endgame Studies (Van Perlo)
Endgame Averbach (Various Pieces in Combat pg. 19-23)
Silman’s Endgame Course Review of Endgames for Class “D” (1200-1399)

Saturday 7/31/2010
Play & analyze standard game

Sunday 8/1/2010
Review Master game (Logical Chess Move by Move Games 7&8)

Monday 8/2/2010
The Middlegame Euwe – (The Bishop Pair pg. 27-30 stop at the Reshevsky game)

Tuesday 8/3/2010
Essential Endgames Averbach (Various Pieces w/ Pawn pg. 23-26)
Silman’s Endgame Course Test 1 – 7 Pg. 81

Wednesday 8/4/2010
Analyze game

Thursday 8/5/2010
The Middlegame – (The Bishop Pair con’t pg. 30-37)

Friday 8/6/2010
Endgame Studies
Endgame Averbach (K+P v K pg. 35-39)
Silman’s Endgame Course pg. 91- 101

Saturday 8/7/2010
Catch-up day

Sunday 8/8/2010
Master game (LCMM Game 9 & 10)

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Weak Squares

Sample game illlustrating weak squares and how to exploit them.

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Entry #1 for 07.08.10

Tactics for Students

Went over approximately 35 puzzles with a 98% success rate. Seems material is slightly under my level. Will continue to use the book for a review of basic tactics before moving on to something more difficult.


Brought my rating back to 1700, working on quality of results not quantity of puzzles. Averaging about 5-8 puzzles per day.

Guide to Good Chess

Started reading on page 26. Beginners should start on page 1. Most of it is fundamental stuff, but a lot of his content I have never seen in other books, and it is definetly worthwhile going over. I am going to post selected passages on my Purdy Chess Blog, so feel free to go there for some Purdy nuggets of chess wisdom.

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Instructional Material for Chess Training Program

The following is the material I will be concentrating on in my new training program:

Level 1 Material

Level 2 Material

Level 3 Material

Level 4 Material

Level 5 Material

Level 6 Material

  • Endgame Strategy  – Shereshevsky
  • The Art of Attack  – Vukovic
  • Alekhine’s Greatest Games
  • Step Method 6
  • My System – Nimzowitch
  • Practical Chess Exercises
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