More Threats in Chess

I haven’t been keeping the notebook up because for the past few weeks my chess training has become very simplistic.

1. I continue to practice tactics on until I get 3 incorrect answers which usually takes 15-20 minutes.  Solving tactical puzzles in this fashion is based on David Pruess’  New Way of Training Tactics.

2. I am playing more often, and when I do I am focused on the threats on the board.

3. I’m not reading any books right now, but I am reviewing my played games and addressing any deficiencies by referring to reference manuals. For example, if I lose a King and pawn endgame I’ll refer to Mueller’s Endgame Fundamentals book and so on.

I feel that this threat based play is helping my game out, and I have posted a 2nd part to the original threats post on begin chess and more will be coming shortly as I experiment with my new found thought process.

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Threats in Chess

I have been away for a few months, in which time I have been through a long plateau and a bout of chess related self-doubt. The reason for the self-doubt is that I feel that I should be at a different playing level than that which I am (1300 USCF), and I am a bit frustrated that my chess improvement efforts have reaped little fruit in the past few years. In a way, this self-doubt has caused me to rethink the way I play and study chess, and hopefully these changes will cause real improvement in my playing strength. I have several posts that I have been working on that address some of my doubts and how I plan on addressing them, this post is the first of a series.

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