Endgame Notes

King and Pawn Endgames

  • In a King and pawn vs. lone King, the weaker side loses if he can’t get his King in front of the enemy pawn. However, rook pawns often allow all sorts of exceptions due to the fact that there isn’t a file to the side of the pawn (which creates many odd stalemate possibilities).
  • You can gauge the result of an upcoming Trebuchet position this way: the side whose King can make first contact with the enemy pawn can force a winning Trebuchet.
  • King an two doubled pawns vs. lone King always win unless the pawn’s can’t be properly defended.
  • You can calculate the square of the pawn by drawing a diagonal extension from the awn to the end of the board; drawing a line from the side of the pawn to the edge of the board; connecting all the lines. The defender’s King can step into this square, it will stop the pawn, if  it can’t the pawn will Queen.
  • Outside passed pawns are a valuable commodity, since they pose a serious promotion threat.

Source: Silman’s Endgame Course pg. 139.

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