Training Schedule Week of 8/30/2010

Monday 8/30/2010
The Middlegame Euwe (pg. 70-74)

Tuesday 8/31/2010
Tactics (Step Method)
Silman’s Endgame Course pg. 131-138

Wednesday 9/1/2010
Analyze game

Thursday 9/2/2010
The Middlegame Euwe (Pg.74-80 77)

Friday 9/3/2010
Silman’s Endgame Course (Read summing up section pg. 139-140)
Silman’s Endgame Course (ex. 1-3 pg. 142)

Saturday 9/4/2010
Play & analyze standard game

Sunday 9/5/2010
Review openings (defense against 1.d4)
Review Master game (Logical Chess Move by Move Games 14-15)

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