Training Schedule Week of 9/20/2010

I did not have the time to setup the schedule for the week of September 13th, and my training has been unfocused to say the least. I have played a few games, and I have definitely done my tactics training, but I have neglected most of the content from the books that I am currently reading. The strange thing is that my chesstempo score has jumped from 1666 to 1747 in the past week…go figure. I do have a couple of comments and modifications I want to add to the training schedule which I mention below:

1. Analytical Training – Set up 0-1 star difficulty positions from Imagination in chess on a board and perform Stoyko Exercises.

2. Opening Study – Spend approximately 1 hour per week working on my repertoire. This will consist of going through games where the openings in my repertoire have been played.

3. Step Method Tactics Training – It’s usually more convenient for me to practice my tactics via, but I have to concentrate on finishing step 4 of the Step Method tactics.

Monday 9/20/2010
The Middlegame Euwe (pg. 84-86)

Tuesday 9/21/2010
Tactics (Step Method)
Silman’s Endgame Course Ex. 10-12

Wednesday 9/22/2010
Analyze game

Thursday 9/23/2010
Stoyko Exercises

Friday 9/24/2010
ChessTempo Endgame Puzzles
Review Rook and Pawn Endgames (pre-lucena / pre-philidor positions)

Saturday 9/25/2010
Play & analyze standard game

Sunday 9/26/2010
Review openings {Colle}
Review Master game (Logical Chess Move by Move Games 17-18)


  1. Hi Manny.

    Sorry if I make spelling errors. I’m from Latin America and my English is dreadful.

    Since I came to your blog I was wondering if your playing strength is similar to mine. It seems so. My ChessTempo rating is 1740.

    I’ll try to make a training schedule similar to yours.

    I really like your blog. Thanks for your advice!

    • I’m glad this is helpful to you. I have noticed that writing down what I plan on studying does help me stay focused.

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