Training Schedule Week of 9/27/2010

For the past two weeks I have had a difficult time sticking to the schedule, and while my performance at chesstempo has improved over the past few weeks it has become difficult to squeeze in 1 full hour of training. I wrote about training plateaus on my blog, and I think I’m coming accross another plateau at this time. One of the things that came out of the article, was to frequently change your training. In strength training the P90x system┬áchanges things around every 30 days, so this is what I need to incorporate into my training program. I have been performing essentially the same training routine since 7/8/2010 and I am overdue for a change…which I’ll have ready for next week’s training schedule.

Monday 9/20/2010
The Middlegame Euwe (pg. 87-90)

Tuesday 9/21/2010
Tactics (Step Method)
Continue reviewing rook and pawn Endgames (pre-lucena / pre-philidor positions)

Wednesday 9/22/2010
Analyze game

Thursday 9/23/2010
Stoyko Exercises

Friday 9/24/2010
ChessTempo Endgame Puzzles

Saturday 9/25/2010
Play & analyze standard game

Sunday 9/26/2010
Review openings {Colle}
Review Master game (Logical Chess Move by Move Game(s) 19)

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