Training Schedule Week of 9/6/2010

Monday 9/6/2010
The Middlegame Euwe (pg. 77-80)

Tuesday 9/7/2010
Tactics (Step Method)
Silman’s Endgame Course Ex. 4-6

Wednesday 9/8/2010
Analyze game

Thursday 9/9/2010
The Middlegame Euwe (Pg.80-84)

Friday 9/10/2010
ChessTempo Endgame Puzzles
Silman’s Endgame Course (ex. 7-9 )

Saturday 9/11/2010
Play & analyze standard game

Sunday 9/12/2010
Review openings (defense against 1.d4) {did not do this last week}
Review Master game (Logical Chess Move by Move Games 15-16)


  1. Hello, we are missing your schedule, for this week, Sorry but i am Following your training path, with sugested books, and is wonderful, your guide,
    hope you are in good health, and fine, and is only lack of time

    Carlos Martinez
    Dominican Republic

    • Yes, I forgot to schedule it this week, and my training has been a mess. I’m about to post the updated schedule for next week. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it. Thanks.

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