Working Out The Kinks

I feel ready to get back to my chess training this week, and I am planning on using this week to revamp my training schedule based on the observations I made on my beginchess blog.

  • Spent 15 minutes doing tactics on the chesstempo site. Tactical training will continue to be a key component of my training.
  • Using a physical board, I setup 4 positions from Khmelnitsky Chess Exam, and I worked them out by writing down my evaluation and analysis on paper. I tend to quit the analysis without validating once I feel I have found the right move, and this is usually a bad idea. I must validate my analysis.
  • Played over Botvinnik – Stoltz 1926 using’s Guess the Move feature. I made sure to have Botvinnik’s One Hundred Selected Games nearby, in case I had any questions about moves that were actually played.

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